[Pmwiki-users] TrackAuthorShip discussion

Pförtsch, Franz Franz.Pfoertsch
Mon Nov 17 07:11:37 CST 2003

Hello People,

I read at the DevelopmentPriority Dokument the high priority of
"Identify who enters the data".
Month ago I expanded the pmwiki to to the 'TrackAuthorship'.
Is anybody using this enhancement?
It worked very good for me.

In this enhancement I divided this task into two parts.

1. The authentication (in my enhancement done by auth_ntlm)
2. Tracking of the user (done, by the wiki, I insertet a new variable

Is anybody working on this job?

At the DevelopmentPriorty somebody told use trackothership is comming
with 0.6.x.

Is this true or only a dream?

a lot of regards and fun

Franz Pf?rtsch

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