[Pmwiki-users] Re: german umlauts

Pedro pedro
Mon Nov 10 17:50:54 CST 2003


 I did adapt my pmwiki copy to work with Portuguese characters (?, ?) for 
a while, but I ran into a problem -- it worked in browsers that could 
translate the links from Avi?o to Avi%XXo automatically, but not with the 
rest (e.g., IE). So I ended up rolling back to original matching until I 
have time to change to code to do the translation automatically. 


Volker Huppert writes: 

> Dear all, 
> thanks for your help with the german umlauts. When browsing a bit more through the documentation I learned that localization to other languages is possible. I will have a closer look to the information provided in the PmWiki documentation. 
> Volker

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