[Pmwiki-users] feature request: SpaceWikiWords customization

Fred Henle fred_henle
Mon Nov 10 11:20:11 CST 2003

I have a simple feature request.  I use SpaceWikiWords, but I would like
to be able to customize the space character (or string).  In particular, I
would like to use the non-breaking space (' ') but I can imagine that
some folks might like to use an underscore ('_') or some other character
instead.  May I suggest adding a variable called something like
SpaceWikiWordsString which defaults to ' ' but could be redefined in
local.php to be ' ' or '_' or whatever?  The function AsSpaced would
then use that global variable, customizable in local.php....

I have been happily using Pmwiki for a couple months now.  Visit
http://monet.mercersburg.edu/henle/sp/ for an example.  I do lots of stuff
with includes and tables.  It's not an open wiki so you can't edit pages,
but you can use ?action=source if you are curious.

Fred Henle
henlef at mercersburg.edu

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