[Pmwiki-users] Restore doesn't work!

Ulf Morgenstern pmwiki
Sun Nov 9 13:24:29 CST 2003


Somebody deleted the content of some pages in my wiki (0.5.24), so I tried 
to restore the former content. But when I click on "restore" the following 
error message appears:

Warning: system,shell_exec,escapeshellcmd() has been disabled for security 
reasons in /home/www/web1134/html/settlerpedia/pmwiki.php on line 512
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at /home/www/web1134/html/settlerpedia/pmwiki.php:512) in 
/home/www/web1134/html/settlerpedia/pmwiki.php on line 362

The first part of the message sounds like the server configuration has been 
changed by my provider - is this correct? But what does the second part mean?

I am a newbie concerning PHP, so I would be happy if anybody could help me.

Thanks in advance!


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