[Pmwiki-users] Problem with SimplePageCache script.

Reimer Behrends behrends
Sat Nov 8 22:45:29 CST 2003

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 06:35:29PM +1100, Elindal wrote:
> Reimer (or someone else who has looked at cache.php not working),
> Have you looked at how to fix this, I have a site that is getting 
> slower and slower, and I do not know how to code PHP to fix the script 
> myself.

I've just uploaded a new version of cache.php at:


The current version is 0.4 (November 9). Make sure that you have
the correct version and not a previusly cached one.

It's got a number of bugfixes (including the elimination of a race
condition, handling read authentication correctly, proper sending of
headers) and new features (can be disabled by a flag, a debugging
option, a [[nocache]] directive).

Of course, the script has grown considerably more complex as a result.
So, I'd appreciate it if some people could find the time to give it
some stress-testing and check if anything doesn't work as advertised.

			Reimer Behrends

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