[Pmwiki-users] german characters

Reimer Behrends behrends
Thu Nov 6 10:38:35 CST 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 03:07:09AM +0100, Volker Huppert wrote:
> I just got PmWiki to work after having changed some Apache settings.
> Well: I recognized, that german characters can not be used in
> Wiki-Links. I'm not sure whether all of you can read those in this
> mail, but let's try ;-)
> {{St?r}} does not enable me to edit such a page. The "?" is an "o"
> with two dots above. It's the same with {{Caf?}}.

The regular expressions in PmWiki use the range A-Z to denote uppercase
characters and the range a-z to denote lowercase characters. If you want
to use German characters, you have to replace occurrences of A-Z by
A-Z??? and occurrences of a-z by a-z???? (that possibly includes scripts
in the scripts/ directory). And to add any characters like ? that you
also need. Of course, that requires that people edit Wiki pages using
software that is aware of the necessary ISO Latin 1 or Latin 15
encoding. People with foreign keyboards may not have an easy way to
insert umlaut characters into the text, so be aware of that.

A somewhat more portable solution would be to check if the [:alpha:],
[:lower:], and [:upper:] class constructs are properly supported by
PHP's adaptation of PCRE, and then how they can be adjusted for the
required locale (something that I cannot easily discern from the PHP

			Reimer Behrends

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