[Pmwiki-users] php as Img insecure? / TrailPrinter?

John Rankin john.rankin
Mon Nov 3 13:36:04 CST 2003

2) We use PmWiki for a scool project with a big amount of documents produced. I dream of use a wiki, rather than install an office-tool. Is there a (Pritty)TrailPrinter? A plugin that produces a single HTML-document containing TOC and the formated content of all trailpages or something similar?
Our staff is open-minded, but at least htmls are "reqiured" for put something else than code into the CVS and the final presentation handout...

Have a look at:

We are using this feature extensively for collaborative document authoring and publishing. You create a trail page, which acts as the contents page, and put a Publish button on it. Click Publish and it generates a single HTML page of all the referenced pages, formatted for printing. It does things like omit the trail navigation, collect all references to external links as endnotes, number the pages according to the trail layout, hide revision marks, and so on.

You may find it does what you are looking for.

John Rankin

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