[Pmwiki-users] php as Img insecure? / TrailPrinter?

mzogg@hsr.ch mzogg
Mon Nov 3 10:50:28 CST 2003


I have two Questions:

1) I added php to the list of allowed image formats to enbed banners. Is that insecure, since this banner-script runs on an other Server?

2) We use PmWiki for a scool project with a big amount of documents produced. I dream of use a wiki, rather than install an office-tool. Is there a (Pritty)TrailPrinter? A plugin that produces a single HTML-document containing TOC and the formated content of all trailpages or something similar?
Our staff is open-minded, but at least htmls are "reqiured" for put something else than code into the CVS and the final presentation handout...

Thanks a lot in advance

(wg 02 wiki)

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