[Pmwiki-users] Problem with SimplePageCache script.

Elindal elindal
Mon Nov 3 00:39:58 CST 2003

Reimer (or someone else who has looked at cache.php not working),

Have you looked at how to fix this, I have a site that is getting 
slower and slower, and I do not know how to code PHP to fix the script 

Just wondering.

Richard Canning

On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 12:21  PM, Reimer Behrends wrote:
> Ignoring $HTTPHeaders is indeed a bug; prefixing the printing of the
> cached content with:
> 	PrintFmt($pagename, "headers:");
> should fix it. I'll fix that later this week, but I'm pretty busy
> right now.
> One other thing that I'm concerned about is that filemtime() is
> supposedly being cached; however, I am under the impression that the
> information isn't cached across scripts. If not, a clearstatcache()
> should solve the problem.

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