[Pmwiki-users] Newbie question: hiding pagename?=

Rich Schmidt rich
Sun Nov 2 04:17:34 CST 2003

Thanks for the walkthrough, Edward.  I'll try it as soon as I get the
chance (tonight?).

I'd seen the shorter version of those instructions, but my impression was
that all of that was just a way to "rename" pmwiki.php to something
without an extension.  The first part of the instructions at
http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/ChangePmWikiURL seem to imply this
when they say that it could be as simple as including "Alias /wiki
/path/to/pmwiki.php" in a config file.

If that's basically what it's doing, then my thought was that if this
doesn't work...


...then this wouldn't work either (after all the alias work)...


But, like I said, I'll try the instructions you gave me later tonight.



Edward Andrews said:
> I found this confusing to start with too.  Here are some suggestions:
> In the end, you actually get
> http://www.website.com/pmwiki/Main/HomePage, not
> http://www.website.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage i.e. pmwiki.php
> does not appear either.
> You need to have pmwiki in a folder with a different name to that which
> you wish to appear in the website address - i.e. if you want
> http://www.website.com/pmwiki/Main/HomePage to appear you need to have
> pmwiki.php and all the rest of the pmwiki installation in another
> folder.
> In my case pmwiki.php is in a folder called wiki, then there is another
> file (not folder) called home with the following text: <?php
> chdir("actual/directory/location/on/server/wiki");
> include("pmwiki.php"); ?>
> Then the .htaccess file has <Files home> SetHandler
> application/x-httpd-php </Files>  added to it.
> Then (this is the step i didn't get to start with) local.php needs to be
> changed so that
> $ScriptUrl = 'http://www.website.com/home';
> This is just an expanded version of the instructions at
> http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/ChangePmWikiURL
> Edward
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>> OK, I'm a complete newbie.  But I can read if you just want to
>> point me to
>> the right resource.
>> How do I get my PmWiki to display this:
>> http://www.website.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage
>> instead of this:
>> http://www.website.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?pagename=Main.HomePage
>> ???
>> I've read on the pmichaud.com how to take the next step (hiding
>> the ".php"
>> part), but I'm stuck here.
>> Any help?
>> Thanks,
>> Rich
>> PS - Sorry if this got double-posted.  I had issues.  'nuff said?  :)
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