[Pmwiki-users] Feature request?

J. Perkins jason
Sat Nov 1 06:17:10 CST 2003

In addition to all of my public sites, I am using a private installation 
of PmWiki as a "mind map" where I keep track of...well, just about 
everything. In order to keep things organized, I started to split it up 
into different groups for each topic. Each group has a main page with 
the same name as the group, so it looks like "PmWiki.PmWiki". The with 
this approach is that every time I mention the topic in a different 
group, I have to give the fully qualified "PmWiki/PmWiki" to make the 
link. I did this for a while and then got annoyed and modified 
pmwiki.php to automatically look for $title.$title if plain old $title 
didn't work. In the function "FmtWikiLink", I changed the last few lines to:

   if (PageExists("$group.$title")) $fmt=$WikiPageExistsFmt;
   elseif (PageExists("$title.$title")) { $group=$title; 
$fmt=$WikiPageExistsFmt; }
   elseif (preg_match('/\\s/',$txt)) $fmt=$WikiPageCreateSpaceFmt;
   else $fmt=$WikiPageCreateFmt;

I added the first "elseif" clause there. Now this works great, but it 
requires me to edit pmwiki.php every release to make it work. Is there 
any way to achieve this same result via an addon?



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