[Pmwiki-users] Free link questions

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Mar 17 19:55:26 CST 2003

> 2. - and | in combination
> {{hyphenated-|page}}links doesn't seem to be allowed, whereas=20
> {{hyphenated|-page}}links is.

I couldn't come up with a good pattern that allowed the hyphen without =
allowing multi-hyphens (e.g., hyphenated----page) or other complications.
Plus one can always write {{hyphenated|-page}}-links to get the same =
as the first.  I'll re-examine the pattern.
I had ended up with ((\\|(\s*|-?))|((\s*|-?)\\|)) which is ugly but seemed =
to work.
> 3. In combination with [[$Title]]
> The structure of our encyclopedia uses 2 main groups, each with the=20
> same set of page titles. We had been using [[GroupB/[[$Title]] Group B]]=20
> in a GroupA/GroupHeader (and vice vesa). This no longer works. We can=20
> change it to [[GroupB/{{[[$Title]]}} Group B]] to achieve the same =
> Is there a different variable we should be using that works as intended=20
> with both WikiWords and {{free links}}? I imagine we would create a=20
> reference to [[$Tlink]].

I can certainly add [[$Tlink]] to the allowed markup.  You could try it
as a local modification by doing $DoubleBrackets['[[$Tlink]]'] =3D '$Tlink'=
and see if it works--if yes I can add it to a new release.
Um, no; I had misunderstood $Tlink. What I need is a reference that is $=
Title for a WikiWord and {{$Title}} for a free link. In fact I'm now =
having a hard time understanding what {{$Title_}} does, 'cos it's not a =
valid free link reference... (I assume it's fine if the space replace =
character is '').
> (I have tripped on $Tlink when using it in a local customisation to=20
> return the first paragraph of another page when that page doesn't exist.=20
> I have managed to have $Tlink come out as {{$Title_}} and as something=20
> else again. This is administrator error, I think.)

I'm not sure I understand here, but perhaps my explanations above help...?
Yes, I had misunderstood $Tlink. I have now ended up with a local check =
that if the pagename is not a wikiword is does a 'Describe {{$Title}} here.=
' I think this should happen automatically.

I'm very open for additions to the $DoubleBracketsArray if it makes
things cleaner/easier to implement.


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