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> On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Davis, James C. wrote:
> > What if shortcuts are expanded when the page is saved and stored in=20
> > regular WikiMarkup. This would allow the use of custom shortcuts=20
> > when creating pages (or editing), but would not confuse others=20
> > editing the page later.
> Actually, I think this would be worse.  Besides introducing=20
> the idea of
> "modifying page text upon save" into the system (which I've been=20
> religiously avoiding up til now), it makes it possible for authors
> to create markups that look clean when the page is first created but
> look absolutely horrendous thereafter.

Ok, I see your point. What if shortcuts were expanded in real-time =
before the page was saved. This could be done with JavaScript, but is it =
widely supported enough? The WikiEditor I worked on a while back had =
some real-time expanding shortcuts implemented with JavaScript. I =
abandoned the real-time rendering due to lack of browser standards, but =
I am still considering a web-based WikiEditor with a set of "tools" to =
speed up page editing. It can be done with JavaScript, but unfortunately =
JavaScript is one of those things that seems to have pretty loose =

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