[Pmwiki-users] refcounts experimental feature

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Sun Mar 2 15:40:35 CST 2003

Here's a new experimental feature open for comments and suggestions:


This action scans all of the wiki pages on the site to count the
number of references among pages.  The result is a table showing each
page name found, the number of pages (other than RecentChanges) 
with links to that page, the number of RecentChanges pages with links
to that page, and the total number of occurrences of the page name.

The idea is that one can quickly find "orphaned" pages (pages that
have no links to them) and pages containing links to non-existent

A much more detailed list can be found by using


which in addition to the above displays the names of the referring pages
below each page name.

The link searching algorithm that is used for counting is a bit naive--
although it understands FreeLinks and [=...=] escapes, it may not 
accurately count things such as InterMap links or things in double-brackets.  
But it gives a good general picture of the linkages within a site.

Comments, suggestions, questions?


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