[Pmwiki-users] Cookbook coments: flexlayout printable-page smartquotes

J. Perkins jason at 379.com
Mon Jun 30 07:56:31 CDT 2003

I have made the changes Kirill suggested to flexlayout and webmenu, all 
good ideas. I post an updated file to the cookbook shortly. Now I have a 
suggestion for Pm - can you move the "<html><head>" out of 
$HTMLDoctypeFmt? It would be nice if the formatting variables were 
better structured, so doctype was just the doctype, htmlheader is just 
the header, etc. It's a nitpick I'll admit, but I did find it difficult 
to follow when I first start customizing my wiki.

Kirill Lapshin wrote:
> Webmenu: very nice, it would be great to have a way to configure it in 
> such way that menu appears on the right. I can make a change to local 
> copy of course, but making it configurable would be much better. How 
> about placing menu via CSS float attr, rather then table?

I tried this, but got wildly inconsistent behavior between browsers. It 
is possible that I was doing something wrong, however. If you can come 
up with HTML that works I would be happy to add it. I too would prefer 
everything in a single stylesheet.


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