[pmwiki] Re: [Pmwiki-users] problems with returns and paragraphs

Bernhard Weichel in pmwiki-users pmwiki-users at b-weichel.2in.de
Sun Jun 29 07:00:22 CDT 2003


I would like to raise the following questions
(theoretical background at the end of the mail if someone is interested).

Is there a chance to render


give it a try

this is a paragraph

and this is the second paragraph



<p />
<p>give it a try</p>
<p>this is a paragraph</p>
<p>and this is the second paragraph</p>
<p />
<pre > and some preformatted text
    with preformatted text

<p>and a paragraph</p>
<p>another paragraph</p>
<p />

instead of

<p /><h2>hola</h2>
<p />give it a try
<p />this is a paragraph
<p />and this is the second paragraph
<p /><pre > and some preformatted text
    with preformatted text

</pre>and a paragraph
<p />another paragraph
<p /><p />

I a agree, that the current rendering is xhtml compliant.
But only by law but not by spirit.

The first rendering would definitely give more options for CSS based



PmWiki generates the XHTML paragraph always as empty elements.

<P /> instead of <P> what it was at HTML.

<P> in HTML did not indicate the space between two paragraphs.
It was rather a minimized <P> ... </P> sequence.
In the SGML version of HTML the declaration was

   <!element P - o (%inline;) >

This means that the endtag can be omitted. In XML it is:

  <!ELEMENT p %Inline;>

which means that the endtag must not be omitted.

The context of paragraphs is %flow;

<!ENTITY % block
     "p | %heading; | div | %lists; | %blocktext; | fieldset | table">

<!ENTITY % Block "(%block; | form | %misc;)*">

<!-- %Flow; mixes block and inline and is used for list items etc. -->
<!ENTITY % Flow "(#PCDATA | %block; | form | %inline; | %misc;)*">

This shows the intention, that paragraphs should be marked up explicitly
and not as empty paragraphs messed into text.

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