[Pmwiki-users] utf-8 problem

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sat Jun 28 22:04:33 CDT 2003

Sure.  Just change the value of $Newline in local.php to be some other 
character or character sequence that won't conflict with the UTF-8
character set and won't occur in normal markup text.  This may require 
rewriting some of the data files to replace $Newline with the new
character sequence; let me know if you want some help doing that.

I was never really happy with the choice of \xB2 (\262) to store the
newlines but at the time I wrote it I didn't have a good alternative.
I would not be opposed to switching to a new value (and having a mechanism
to convert/support the old value in existing installations) if someone can 
suggest a good one.


On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 09:32:06AM +0800, Dave Land wrote:
> Hi,
> I'am a pmwiki user run http://www.antsight.com/project. Charset is set to utf-8 to display chinese word. But there is a problem to display word with 'B2' in it like 'U+80B2:E882B2'??
> This is because pmwiki use '\xB2' as the linefeed.
> $grep -w Newline pmwiki.php
>     pmwiki.php:$Newline = "\262";
>     pmwiki.php:  { return str_replace("\n",$GLOBALS["Newline"],$str); }
>     pmwiki.php:  global $WikiDir,$Newline;
>     pmwiki.php:    fputs($oldfp,str_replace($Newline,"\n",$oldtext));
>     pmwiki.php:    fputs($newfp,str_replace($Newline,"\n",$newtext));
>     pmwiki.php:  global $WikiDir,$Newline;
>     pmwiki.php:    fputs($txtfp,str_replace($Newline,"\n",$page['text']));
>     pmwiki.php:      fputs($patfp,str_replace($Newline,"\n",$v));
>     pmwiki.php:  global $Newline,$KeepToken,$LinkToken,$LinkPatterns,$ImgExtPattern,
>     pmwiki.php:  $text = str_replace($Newline,"\n",$text);
>     pmwiki.php:  global $Newline,$HandleEditFmt,$restore;
>     pmwiki.php:  $text = str_replace($Newline,"\n",$text);
>     pmwiki.php:    $TimeFmt,$PageFileFmt,$Newline,$DiffKeepDays;
>     pmwiki.php:  if (str_replace($Newline,"\n",$new['text'])==
>     pmwiki.php:      str_replace($Newline,"\n",$page['text']))
>     pmwiki.php:      preg_replace("%\\* ".preg_quote($pgname)." .*?$Newline%","",
>     pmwiki.php:  global $Newline;
>     pmwiki.php:  $text = str_replace($Newline,"\n",$page['text']);
>     pmwiki.php:  global $TimeFmt,$Newline,$PageDiffFmt,$PageDiffFootFmt;
>     pmwiki.php:    $difflines = explode($Newline,$v.$Newline);
>     pmwiki.php:        PrintText($pagename,join($Newline,$in));
>     pmwiki.php:        PrintText($pagename,join($Newline,$out));
>     pmwiki.php:        PrintText($pagename,join($Newline,$in));
>     pmwiki.php:        PrintText($pagename,join($Newline,$out));
> I find the a GB2312 guide (http://www.chinix.net/docs/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=3&forum=9&jump=1) to solve partial problem, it need to update exist articls, and not work with utf-8. Could we have a better solution?
> Best Regards,
> Dave Land
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> land at antsight.com
> 2003-06-29
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