[pmwiki] Re: [Pmwiki-users] broken wiki links on home page fer an instalaltion

Bernhard.Weichel at t-online.de Bernhard.Weichel at t-online.de
Fri Jun 20 11:08:09 CDT 2003

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> So, I have an alternate solution.  Instead of creating another special
> function call to replace what FmtPageName is trying to do in the first
> place, I've simply modified FmtPageName to allow some last-minute
> rewriting of any string containing '$ScriptUrl/' to put the pagename

Thanks. This is a great approach, IMHO much better than my function driven
approach. Am I right that pmWiki would then rewrite any link regardles where
it comes from (an FmtVariable, a function, link in a wiki page, or even
within php-script)?

Would it also rewrite links where $ScriptUrl is already resolved?

With $ScriptUrl= http://www.mywiki.com/wiki/pmwiki.php

<a href="http://www.mywiki.com/wiki/pmwiki.php/foo/bar?action=edit">

will be rewritten to


Very good approach.

> At the moment the code for converting '$ScriptUrl/' is hardwired in
> FmtPageName.  If someone needs the conversion itself to be
> customizable,
> I can arrange it.

I guess on the first hand this should mainly be sufficient, because the
problem comes by $ScriptUrl.

> Finally, note that very little of the URL syntax is actually
> "hardwired".
> I think there's only two places (in pmwiki.php:HandleDiff and
> upload.php:FmtAttachLink) where the URL syntax is currently fixed by
> the code--all of the other URLs are controlled by configurable
> variables. However, I'll grant that reassigning all of those
> variables could be
> a pain to manage, which is why I've gone the $ScriptUrl/ replacement
> route.  :-)

Fully agree. It makes installation of pmWiki on a non-Path_info system very
easy. I will do it tonight on the schlund server.


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