[Pmwiki-users] a plan to do diff/patch in PHP ?

garfield_fr garfield_fr
Wed Jul 30 15:03:48 CDT 2003

I use also WikiNi (a french implementation of Wakka). WikiNi use a PHP code to handle their page revisions/restores.
The difference between 2 revision is implemented with 2 methods, basic and full. The basic method use the array_diff() with new and
old text as parameters to get deleted and added lines. This can be a start to do a basic Diff method ?
If you want WikiNi to read the code, you can get it at :

I don't read the code to see how the restore is coded....


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> On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 06:19:50PM +0200, garfield_fr wrote:
> > Do you have a plan to implement Diff/Patch in full PHP ?
> I have dreams of implementing Diff/Patch in full PHP, and have
> even investigated the algorithms required, but I don't have a
> good feel or expectation for when I might actually have an implementation
> ready.  I know it's a pain for people stuck on webservers that don't
> have diff(1) and patch(1) conveniently available, but a built-in diff/patch
> just hasn't bubbled up to the top of my work priorities yet.
> I wonder how other PHP-based wikis handle their page revisions/restores?
> Do they make use of the external programs also or do they have their own
> implementation?
> Pm

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