[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki on Boa

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Wed Jul 30 10:00:00 CDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:37:28PM +0200, Carlo Strozzi wrote:
> I confirm that the '?' bug was fixed long ago, but from further testing
> I came to the conclusion that "Location:"-based redirection still does
> not work well with Boa, maybe for other header-related problems.  However
> I think it's a pity that PmWiki cannot be used with Boa, as running
> Apache on small machines sometimes may be problematic. 

I agree, I think that PmWiki *should* be able to work with Boa and other
lightweight servers!  So unless it proves unworkable, I'll definitely 
introduce changes to make it workable!  I'll probably install Boa on one
of my systems here and see what I can do to get it to work correctly.

> I understand that trying to work-around server bugs is outside the scope
> of PmWiki, but since introducing a more fault-tolerant behaviour costs
> very little effort, I attach a couple of modified files that use both
> location- and html- based redirection, and that I have tested on both
> boa and apache. 

Oh, I don't think it's outside of PmWiki's scope to work around the bugs--
after all, PmWiki already has to work around a fair number of Apache bugs! :-)

But, a question:  does having both location- and html- based redirection 
in the response work even under the buggy version of Boa?  I thought about 
doing this (and probably will, since the HTTP protocol recommends that 
Location responses also have a document with them),  but if both are
present I didn't know if a browser would use the mangled (and incorrect) 
Location header or the redirect given in the HTML document.  My guess
was that it would follow the Location header to an invalid document,
in which case having the HTML there in adition to Location wouldn't 
solve the problem.  But maybe this isn't the case...?


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