[Pmwiki-users] Variables expansion in included files

Sébastien Pierre spierre
Mon Jul 28 11:38:15 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I have customised PmWiki using this simple local.php file:

$HTMLHeaderFmt = "file:local/header.php";
$HTMLBodyFmt   = "<body>";
$PageHeaderFmt = "file:local/page-header.php";
$PageFooterFmt = "file:local/page-footer.php";
$HTMLEndFmt   = "</body></html>";

My page-header.php file contains (among others( the following line:

	<div class="small"><?php echo "Last update $PageUpdate"; ?></div>

The problem is that the $PageUpdate is expanded into an empty string, 
which seems to imply that PHP cannot resolve the variables when 
interpreting expressions nested in imported file. I'm pretty sure there 
is another (right) way to use PmWiki page variables in imported PHP 
files, so I would be pleased if anybody could explain me.


  -- S?bastien

?Le soleil est Dieu?
<http://www.type-z.org>             -- Turner, avant de mourir

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