[Pmwiki-users] A directory for each group

garfield_fr garfield_fr
Thu Jul 24 09:22:32 CDT 2003

Hello everybody!

My first question :
- I have a group "JeuStella" and I configure JeuStella.php in local directory
with :

$WikiDir = "JeuStella.d";

With this config, each page from this group are stored in a separate directory.
others pages are stored in "wiki.d"

but !! when i change some pages in the group JeuStella , the pages
Main.AllRecentChanges and Main.RecentChanges are not updated !!

And a link like : JeuStella.JeuStella  (this page exist) on a page in Main group
is show like if this page doesn't exist.....

My dir structure is :


What is the good config to resolve these problemes ? I want to have a separate
directory for this group.

webmaster at codedb.fr.st

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