[Pmwiki-users] Port number added twice to URL

Bob Dively dive
Thu Jul 24 06:47:14 CDT 2003

From: "Robert Webster" <rewebster at adelphia.net>

>When running Apache on any port other than 80,
>the port number gets appended twice to the URL.
>I've tried setting Apache's UseCanonicalName
>both on and off with no good effect.

I posted about this same problem back at the beginning of
June. At the time, I was able to solve the issue by
commenting lines 33 & 34 in pmwiki.php, which were:

  $ScriptUrl .= ':'.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SERVER_PORT'];

That was a few release back, so if those lines are stll in
pmwiki.php they might be different line numbers by now. PM
mentioned something about possibly fixing it in subsequent
releases, but I'm not sure if that happened or not (haven't
had a lot of time to keep up with the code).

You can also explicitly set $ScriptUrl in your local.php


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