[Pmwiki-users] [Suggestion] A container concept for pmwiki pages

John Feezell johnfeezell at 3wplace.com
Sat Jul 12 00:14:51 CDT 2003

I have been turning over a concept in my mind that I believe could extend 
the possibilities of pmwiki.  I have used the concept successfully in 
website development.  The concept is a container page.  A "container" page 
is made up of five sections (frames): top, left, center, right, bottom.  
Each section can contain text, links, etc. (Actually, all the items that a 
regular html frame could contain.)  The borders (top, left, right, bottom) 
can be sized with the center section adjusting to accommodate the change.  
Final page layout is done by the browser.

I understand that some would discourage the use of frames, but I believe 
that this might be an appropriate use.  But, perhaps the same effect could 
be achieved by using a table approach.

I have created a prototype setup of the concept as created by another 
progrm I use. The   site URL is: http://lm.3wplace.com/Prototype/PmWiki/

The site contains the following files:
 1x1.gif                 11-Jul-2003 21:04     1k  index_b.htm             
11-Jul-2003 21:04     1k  index_b.txt             11-Jul-2003 20:47     1k  
index_l.htm             11-Jul-2003 21:04     1k  index_l.txt             
11-Jul-2003 20:47     1k  index_r.htm             11-Jul-2003 21:04     1k  
index_r.txt             11-Jul-2003 20:47     1k  index_t.htm             
11-Jul-2003 21:04     1k  index_t.txt             11-Jul-2003 20:47     1k  
show-containerpage.html 11-Jul-2003 21:04     2k  show-containerpage.txt  
11-Jul-2003 20:47     2k

The .txt files contain the html code in a downloadable format.
To view the rendered concept click on show-containerpage.html.

I would be interested in knowing what others think of the usefulness of 
such a concept and the feasibility of creating it within pmwiki.  I don't 
believe that anything like it exists in a wiki program.

I have some ideas about how the concept might work within pmwiki but I'll 
hold those until  others have had time to consider it and offer comments.  
Of course, one of the considerations is now this concept relates to pmwiki 
development philosophy.


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