[Pmwiki-users] How to prevent attachment replacement?

Fabio Reis Cecin frcecin at terra.com.br
Thu Jul 10 10:21:23 CDT 2003

Hi! I've just noticed that uploaded files (Attach:*) can be replaced by
uploading another file with the same name. How do I prevent this?

Also, IMHO it would be a good idea to turn this behavior off by default, 
since you cannot "restore" an attachment.

For instance, I'm using the Wiki to store student's work. Every student
of a class uploads it's work to the Wiki, and then a vandal can come
one day before end of the semester and replace all files with crap!
Help! :-)

I'm using a Pmwiki-0.4.x version.

F=E1bio R. Cecin
frcecin at terra.com.br

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