[Pmwiki-users] Batch loading page contents

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Jan 29 17:58:43 CST 2003

Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone has a script that can take a text file =
and create a whole lot of PmWiki page files from it.

We have a very long M$ Word document that is going to be loaded into =
PmWiki. It is relatively easy to write a Word macro that wikifies the text,=
 sets page names etc and produces a plain text file. We can generate page =
names from the contents page and a glossary page.

What we'd then like to do is batch create a bunch of PmWiki page files. =
The wiki file format looks pretty straightforward. Is there either a =
formal specification of the file layout or (even better) a script that, =
given a page name and page text, can create valid PmWiki data files? All =
the pages will be in the same group. It seems to me that there ought to be =
a way of calling pmwiki.php itself to do this, but I'm not clear how.

Conceptually, I envisage a local customisation whereby I enter something =
like http://.../pmwiki.php?action=3Dbatchload into my browser and press =
return. In my innocence, this sounds as if it ought to be easy...

Are there any hooks or traps in doing this?
While I'm here, let me add my support for the idea of revision marks (=
inserts and deletes) on screen. In our case, we probaly wouldn't need the =
ability for an individual to set her or his own time stamp; we would make =
use of a feature that lets you set an 'as from' date/time at the group and =
possibly page level. Then a visitor could optionally see all changes red-=
lined since that date/time, for example by clicking on a command in the =
page footer, such as Show Changes.
John Rankin
Affinity Limited
T 64 4 495 3737
F 64 4 473 7991
john.rankin at affinity.co.nz

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