[Pmwiki-users] notes on pmwiki documentation

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Fri Feb 28 15:12:10 CST 2003

On 1 Mar 2003, John Rankin wrote:

> Although most pagenames are {{free link}}s, Group/[[$Title]] works everywhere because we have redefined the $PageNamePattern. We have *not* changed $WikiWordPattern.

> Also, it might be useful to come up with some consistent naming choices
> about when to include "PmWiki" in the document.  For example, I've documented
> some features like "PmWikiConfiguration" and "PmWikiPasswords", while other
> features do not contain PmWiki in the title, as in WikiStyles, WikiTrails,
> InterMap, etc.
> --
> Why do terms need PmWiki in the title? What is wrong with just {{configuration}} and {{password}}s? And is there a convention for favouring singular or plural page names?

Well, if the pages are in the PmWiki group, we probably don't need
PmWiki in the title.  I.e., a page named "PmWiki.Configuration" works
for me.  But if the pages go in another group, such as Main, then I
think that PmWiki belongs in the title to denote that we're talking about
configuring PmWiki as opposed to some other component (i.e., 

It still leaves me with the question of where pages should go, while
"PmWiki.Configuration" clearly makes sense to me, "PmWiki.WikiWord" 
seems wrong because it's a definition that isn't specific to just PmWiki.
And "PmWiki.WikiGroup" is uncertain--it has clear connections as a
definition but it's also fairly specific to PmWiki.

Also, I've thought a bit about whether authors should favor singular or 
plural page names, and I haven't come up with a good answer.  Part 
of me wants to use whichever version is more likely to appear in text, 
thus do "WikiStyles" and "WikiWord" as page names, and then use 
{{WikiStyle|s}} and {{WikiWord}}s when the opposite sense is needed.  The 
downside to this is that one has to remember which pages are named by 
plurals and which are named by singulars, which argues for 
consistently using one or the other in all names.  (Not that this will
happen anyway.) So, I dunno.


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