[Pmwiki-users] Documentation Feedback

Louis Katz lkatz at falcon.tamucc.edu
Fri Feb 28 13:51:18 CST 2003

I am rather new to Wiki. I think that users progress from beginners, 
who need a simple introduction,  to those who want to know all that it 
is capable of.  As the markup gets more powerful and complex there is a 
need for a QuickStart guide of some.

Despite my appreciation of the KISS principal  I think the users guide 
might be most productive if it was multi structured.

Structure 1
BeginnersWiki (quickstart)-Simple Formatting as in older versions with 
bullet and numbered lists, horizontal rules, with WikiWords and simple 
statements of URLS
IntermediateWiki-The rest of the formatting, layout, and linking 
AdvancedWiki-Passwords, the local.php file. GroupHeader's and the like.

Strructure 2
Group and main files

Structure 3
ExamplePages or ExampleSites

All said, I am amazed at the lack of real need for complicated support 
documentation. At this point mostly what I need is time to implement my 
ideas for using this tool. What I probably don't need, but really want, 
is a line by line explaination of the code. A wonderful tool!

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