[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki stuff

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Thu Feb 27 18:25:00 CST 2003

PmWiki 0.4 is nearing completion, the current release is pmwiki-0.4.beta4.
This release appears to be fairly stable, as I'm currently using it for the
pmichaud.com site without too many difficulties.  I suspect that 
the new version will be released "any day now".

My sincere thanks go out to John Rankin, Scott Duff, and Dawn Green for
their suggestions and assistance in creating PmWiki 0.4.  I thought PmWiki
0.3 was really good--I'm amazed at what we can do in 0.4.  Here are some
of the recent items:

* FreeLinks -  If you haven't tried FreeLinks yet (courtesy of John
  Rankin), you should.  FreeLinks provides another mechanism for 
  creating links to other pages.  As an example, within a document 
  I can write {{free links}} to create a link to the page named 
  "FreeLinks" but the text will display "free links".  Formerly one
  would've had to write [[FreeLinks free links]] to make this happen.
  One can also put a vertical brace to suppress part of the ending, so
  that {{free link|s}} still links to the page "FreeLinks" but displays
  as the text "free link".  And finally, characters following the 
  closing curly braces become part of the link anchor, so that {{WikiWord}}s
  will be a link to a page named "WikiWord" but will display the anchor as
  "WikiWords", thus solving the oft-cited WikiPluralProblem.  And these
  can all be combined, thus allowing alternate endings for all of your
  {{free link|s}}ages.  

* QuickReference on edit pages- Some time ago, and again this past week, 
  Scott Duff suggested adding a "quick reference" guide to the bottom of
  the editing page.  Yesterday John Rankin made the (obvious in 
  retrospect, wish I had thought of it) suggestion of displaying a 
  quick reference wiki page at the bottom of the edit form.  This
  has been implemented in pmwiki-0.4.beta4, which you can see at
  www.pmichaud.com.   Feel free to modify the QuickReference page that
  is there if you can think of any improvements (I blatantly plagiarized my
  QuickReference from the one in phpwiki).
* And, speaking of documentation,  Dawn Green has put together an 
  excellent outline/starting point for developing some docs at
  http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/PmWikiDocumentation.  Please
  feel free to jump in and contribute to the effort.  Documentation
  is going to be my next focus of development, probably even before 
  implementing page attachments.  I will have more about documentation
  in a subsequent email.

* I've added a "[[#name]]" markup in documents which allows one to specify
  targets within a WikiPage, thus enabling a url like 
  http://.../wiki/Main/WikiSandbox#mytarget to jump directly to the location
  marked by [[#mytarget]] in the WikiSandbox page.  If someone wants to
  propose a different/better markup for this I'm open for suggestions.

Again, thanks to everyone for their contributions and help with PmWiki!


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