[Pmwiki-users] InterMap definitions

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Feb 19 14:49:05 CST 2003

> If someone wants to propose a new subdirectory structure for housing
> the various pmwiki-related files, I'm open for suggestions.  Propose
> what would be best w/o worrying about backwards compatibility.  I'm a
> bit concerned that I may soon reach a point where I have to decide=20
> between backwards compatibility and an important PmWiki improvement,=20

Eek!  Do it now, before you have too many users!
One way to think about local.php is that it does 4 things:
-- set wiki-wide defaults like the logo image, page width, HTML title and =
so on
-- cause group or page specific customisation
-- include wiki extensions like trails
-- include local extensions like (in my case) wiki calendar or free links

This might lead to 3 directories:
-- extensions.wiki
-- extensions.local
-- custom.page

extensions.wiki contains a file called config.php that sets all the =
default setup variable values.

extensions.local contains a file called config.php that contains any local =
values to override these defaults.

extensions.wiki contains a file called include.php that lists all wiki =
extensions and their functions, in the form

#include("extensions.wiki/feefi.php"); //smells blood and gives chase

extensions.local contains a corresponding include.php file for local =

custom.page holds files of the form Group.php or Group.Title.php

John Rankin

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