[Pmwiki-users] Markup

Pedro Miller Rabinovitch miller
Wed Aug 27 14:54:48 CDT 2003

> > So, to me the point of wiki markup is not to be faithful to a principle
> > of being a simplified markup or a transparent markup, but rather to
> > strive towards whatever is most "natural" for authors to create web
> > pages.  Markup should be transparent or visible according to whatever
> > will make the most sense to authors.  And beyond that, since we're

You know what? Something just ocurred to me, and I'm quite astonished I didn't 
think of this earlier. 

Why does markup have to be Wiki-specific? Or even site-specific?

The same way we have "user-set templates", why can't we have "user-set 
markup"? Users would be able to choose between {{Link}} or [Link] or whatever 
it is they'd rather do. *bold* or '''bold'''. _italics_ or ''italics''. It's 
pretty easy, when you think about it -- we either keep the server-side 
version in a different, specialized storage format (e.g., XML, whatever) or 
convert different input markup into the local flavor.

Wow. That doesn't sound hard at all to implement (at least in principle), and 
would break down the "oh no, I hate this kind of markup, forget about it" 
Wiki barrier for people who already used to a different system...

Did anyone implement this kind of thing in their Wiki package already? I'll 
bet it has been done.


    Pedro Miller Rabinovitch
    miller at domain.com.br

"Whenever you find yourself at the side of the 
majority, it is time to pause and reflect" --Mark Twain

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