[Pmwiki-users] printable-page, flexlayout, and webmenu

John Rankin john.rankin
Mon Aug 25 16:42:30 CDT 2003

Yes, I do something similar. I redefine pmwiki's defaults as follows:

variable                    uses class

$WikiPageExistsFmt          wikiword
$WikiPageCreateFmt          nonexistent
$WikiPageCreateSpaceFmt     nonexistent
$UrlLinkFmt                 url

I set up style sheets for

pmwiki.css                  loads the current pmwiki.php values
local.css                   always loaded for all actions
print.css                   loads for $action=print or publish
$group.css                   where $group is the name of a group

One could also do $title.css, say to make each HomePage look the same!

Once more, it shows how thoughtfully Patrick designed pmwiki.


On Tuesday, 26 August 2003 4:36 AM, bernhard at weichel21.de wrote:
My idea was also to provide a "style" argument for the url, to support
various skins.
Later it could be mangled into PmWiki to pass it through, such if it was
once it will be there forever...

This makes me think, that it might be worth to have a list of css files
which are checked for existance and placed linkded to the generated page.


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