[Pmwiki-users] Action to get search result in raw-format (Emacs / pmwiki-mode)

Christian Ridderström chr
Thu Aug 21 11:26:29 CDT 2003

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> The search results are never turned into PmWiki markup at any point--they
> always go directly to HTML.  So yes, it'd be possible to configure the
> search module to produce output in PmWiki markup, but that should probably
> be a special action (or an option to the ?action=search component).

Ok. I'd vote for adding an option to ?action=search (e.g. adding 
&format=pmwiki or &format=source), rather than a separate action.

> So far I've been reluctant to create pages that receive special
> processing based on their names, preferring instead to produce 
> program-generated output either by introducing new actions
> (e.g., ?action=refcount, ?action=search) or by introducing markup
> into pages that produce the desired output (e.g., the grouplist.php
> modules described in the Cookbook).  To me, if something has a url
> that looks like a page url (e.g., Main/AllPages), it should be 
> editable somehow.

Ok. On second thought, I agree with you. It sounds like a good idea
to keep URIs that sound like page names editable. 

I was distracted by "RecentChanges"... I just played a bit with it 
in http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Test/RecentChanges and discovered that you 
can edit it... so I guess that when a page is changed, the page name + 
some info is prepended to the source of RecentChanges (and an old 
occurance of the name is removed?)

This allows you to add annotations about what has been changed - but I 
wonder if it's ever used?

So if you did have a page "AllPages", it should be editable.

> So, my suggestion here would be to develop a markup sequence that could
> be put in wiki markup to mean "generate a list of all pages", "generate
> a list of all groups", "list all pages within a group", etc.  If the
> markup could be made fancy enough, it could even do things like "sort
> based on name, size, last modified", etc.

Ok. I'll think a bit about this and get back to you. Right now I'm 
thinking of a markup such as this (it's exaggerated for clarity)


where the pair of [[ListOfPages...]]-directives will insert a bullet item 
into the page source for each page name is not already inside the 
list-of-pages region. The bullet item should be inserted so that it is 
sorted first according to group and then in alphabetical order depending 
on its page name.

The next time you edit page it might look like this:

        * Main.HomePage - Welcome page
        ** SomePage - Description of SomePage

Anyway, this was just a rough idea, with the purpose of making it 
easier to generate and keep site maps up to date.

Good look with your "other job" ;-)


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