[Pmwiki-users] Action to get search result in raw-format (Emacs / pmwiki-mode)

Christian Ridderström chr
Thu Aug 21 08:57:35 CDT 2003


Today, I can get the raw page source using action=source.
Emcacs/pmwiki-mode uses this, and I have added a comment aboutt this to

I also know that action=search gives me a list of the pages. However, 
the result is in HTML-format. Is there a way that I can get the search 
result in PmWiki markup?

(I was thinking of adding a function to pmwiki-mode that gives you a list 
of all pages, and thus making it very easy to navigate to any page).

Any thoughts on making 'search' be able to output PmWiki markup, or should 
I instead concentrate on parsing the HTML-output of search?
(search could for instance take an extra argument: 'format=pmwiki' when it 
should output the result in pmwiki-markup.)

A related thought here is to add a "special page" called


or something similar, that simply lists all pages. From a user's point of 
view, it's not really obvious that you get a list of all pages by 
searching for an empty string. (Although this *is* in the documentation).


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