[Pmwiki-users] printable-page, flexlayout, and webmenu

John Rankin john.rankin
Tue Aug 19 16:04:56 CDT 2003

Yup. To be more precise, here's the relevant section from a Group.php of mine,
where the "-it" suffix stands for "italian":

---------------------------- snip ---------------------------------------
### BEGIN grop-specific customization; this section must come last.
## See http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/PerGroupCustomizations

## Include various (localized) add-on packages.

# Conditional inclusion of flexlayout.php
# See http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Cookbook/FlexLayout
# The local.css file should be customized as desired.


Is there a requirement for scripts/pgcust.php to add a reference to 
Group.css as well as including Group.php?

Then one could do per-group styling by exception to the pmwiki.css
and local.css -- this would make it a lot easier to set a site layout, 
then apply per-group 'skins'

Indeed, one could even allow visitors to choose their own skins, maybe.

A Group.css template could define 3-5 classes which would change the whole
group look, while keeping a consistent underlying framework.

By extension, would could even do Page.css if needed...

One can do this in the Group.php file, but css is probably a better approach.


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