[Pmwiki-users] Group/page descriptions

John Rankin john.rankin
Mon Aug 18 17:29:56 CDT 2003

Adding the script for this to the cookbook sounds good. But although 
'para' is nice and short, it's a bit non-descriptive. 
We took 'para' from the ¶ HTML entity (well, it made sense at the time ...)


I'm actually mainly trying to get a FAQ-section up and running, so I'd be
interested in looking at your site - what's the URI?
Have a look at


This came out of footnote markup we added as a local customisation:

[^text of a footnote^]
  gets replaced by a numbered superscript that links to...

  put the footnotes here

  replace with the text from [[#anchor]] to the end of the paragraph on the current page

There is a simple example of a footnote at:


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