[Pmwiki-users] Local customizations for pmichaud.com

Pedro Miller Rabinovitch miller
Sun Aug 17 23:54:43 CDT 2003

Hi Patrick,

	First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your work. PmWiki is awesome. 
It is simple to use, light, extremely flexible and utterly useful, exactly 
the way I wish software was in a general sense. I'm starting a Wiki on O2, my 
interpreted CORBA implementation (which, by the way, is simple to use, light, 
extremely flexible and, I hope, will be utterly useful anytime soon) and I'll 
post the address to it at your site as soon as it's published. After testing 
some Wiki systems (including TikiWiki, SnipSnap and TWiki) I realized that 
yours is certainly the one the most aligned to my own philosophy, and the one 
that made me want to contribute to the most (which is a must with these 
things). I've already corrected a couple of typos on the site and added a bit 
to the Brazilian Portuguese translation, by the way.

What I'd ask you, though, is whether you'd feel comfortable posting a 
snapshot/link of/to your (personal) local customizations (or a subset of 
them) at the site. I understand there might be security considerations to 
take into account (especially password hashes, of course), but I do feel that 
would be useful... I plan on making my local/ directory 
world-readable/-sourceable, except for a specific local/private.php file that 
would hold the sensitive info. Maybe if other developers would do the same, 
we'd have even better customization examples and sharing... 

My $0.02, anyway. Congratz on the grapes/STP studies as well, I'll be sure to 
test them when the opportunity presents itself. >:)



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