[Pmwiki-users] Group/page descriptions

Christian Ridderström chr
Sun Aug 17 12:29:37 CDT 2003


I found myself starting a lot of pages with "This page describes..." 

Is there any mechanism for assigning a description to a page and/or a 
group? (In addition to putting text in GroupHeader etc).

This mechanism could then be used to several ways:

* The list with pages that is the result of a search, could display the 
  page description just after the page name. This could make it easier to 
  find the relevant page.

* Avoid doing things twice when you refer to a page, for instance when 
  creating a list that will be used as a WikiTrail.
  - A [[]]-markup could be used to extract the page description, so that 
    you only would have to describe the page once.

* The search function could be used to produce a list of all pages 
  including their descriptions.

I'm pretty sure there are other advantages for being able to define an 
attribute (?) such as this. (put the description in a <META 
name="description" content="<description>">-field of the HTML-output 
perhaps, thus helping search engines?)

Here's a suggested markup code:
* Defining the page description:
	[[$PageDescription = <description>]]

* Accessing the page description:
	[[$PageDescription SomeGroup.PageName]]


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