[Pmwiki-users] Idea for FastForward or Link-next of page trails

Christian Ridderström chr
Sat Aug 16 12:32:09 CDT 2003


With my browser (Opera), there's a function called "FastForward", which I 
think would be very nice if it works on page trails.

This is how you use it: Pressing <space> does page down until you reach 
the end of the page, then if you press <space>, Opera opens the "next" 

You can try this on google for instance,
where <space> will give you the next page with hits.

As for implementation, I don't really know how it works. Quoting from:

	When viewing a page with no user forward history, Opera will try 
	to detect a possible "forward" link that you can access with a 
	forward gesture or keyboard shortcut. The "Forward" icon will 
	change into a "Fast Forward" icon when this is possible. Try it 
	with a search engine to go to the "Next page" link, or when 
	reading a multi-page on-line article. It can detect "link-next" 
	elements, and will perform checks to find one if not. 

So Opera probably looks for links containing the word 'next' in them, if 
it can't find "link-next" elements. I have no idea what a "link-next" 
element is though, which is what should be added to the HTML-output.


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