[Pmwiki-users] Passwording

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sat Aug 16 08:28:22 CDT 2003

The $DefaultPasswords entries can be arrays.  So, in local.php:

   $DefaultPasswords['admin'] = array(crypt('sitewidepassword'));

sets the sitewide password, while adding a line to local/Group.php:


adds an additional admin password for pages in Group.

Of course, if you don't like having the passwords in cleartext in
your local.php files, you can use PmWiki's ?action=crypt feature to
put the encrypted string directly into the array (see PmWiki.PasswordsAdmin).


On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 01:54:43AM +1200, Robin wrote:
> hey there,
> I'd like (if possible) to assign an admin password to a group, that 
> didn't apply to the site as a whole.
> Idealy this password would be equivalent to the admin password for this 
> group alone, however the obvious compromise is to have the admin 
> password set differently if it is the specific group being accessed. 
> Is it possible to have more than one admin-level password (ie the site
> admin pwd, and the group admin pwd), loaded on a group-specific basis?
> Otherwise, I'll just make the admin password different for that group, 
> no real problem, just that the former is preferable.
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