[Pmwiki-users] Syntax highlighting?

J. Perkins jason
Fri Aug 15 21:14:01 CDT 2003

Now that I have gotten the hang of this wiki concept, I want to use it 
for everything. It is making my life so much easier. Thanks Pm!

My next nice-to-have is syntax highlighting of source code snippets. The 
more languages the better. Has this been done already? I only run on 
Linux systems so I can use any tools that are available there. If it 
hasn't been done for pmwiki yet, then I'll go try and write an extension 
to handle it.



PS - I know this has been covered recently, but the [[<<]] syntax for 
line feeds is really bugging me. I've got it in my head that just 
hitting [Enter] should start a new line and I can't retrain myself.

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