[Pmwiki-users] Webmenu, FlexLayout, and CSS.

Robin robin
Fri Aug 15 02:11:03 CDT 2003

Hey there, I've been playing with the layout of my wiki site, and have 
run into a few small issues with the use of FlexLayout and CSS. I don't 
know if these are inherent to the way things work, or if it is my quite 
limited understanding of CSS and HTML.

Anyway, I'm thinking that it would be nice if we didn't have to have 
tables to do all the layout, but used CSS instead. The site that I am 
using as my guide tends to use <div> tags as its group forming things, 
and the CSS specifies in detail where those groups go. This allows for 
the effect I'm looking for, of a repeating background under the boxes. 
Hmm, this may not be so clear, have a look here: http://tony.rocks.cc

I'm trying to acheive a similar effect, but can't do things such as 
specify where exactly things such as 'webmenu' and 'wikitext' go in 
order to ensure the background works OK.

I warn you, most of my HTML and CSS coding is a case of 'monkey see, 
monkey do', rather than a useful understanding of it :)


The wiki site I'm playing with at the moment is:
however, its layout is in a constant state of flux as I tweak things:)

(I figure if I can make this look like I want, doing the webmenu-less 
pages should be a bit easier :)

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