[Pmwiki-users] CVS features was: discussion on line breaks

Bryant Durrell durrell
Tue Aug 12 07:41:11 CDT 2003

FWIW, regarding page authorship, I implemented a really simple (and
stupid) authorship tracker over the weekend.  All I did was add a
login action, which allows the user to set any 'username' he or she
likes.  It's kept in a cookie; when someone makes an edit, if they
have the cookie set, the 'username' is associated with the diff.

There is no particular security associated with this.  I did make a
small tweak to store IP addresses with diffs as well.

If I was going to submit this as a customization, which I could if
there was interest, I'd factor out the username derivation from the
code that associates the username with the diff; that way people
could add in verification layers as they liked.  Me, I was not so
much interested in security as I was interested in further enabling
discussion by associating names with changes.

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