[Pmwiki-users] CVS features was: discussion on line breaks

Crisses crisses
Tue Aug 12 07:00:25 CDT 2003

On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 03:49  AM, Bernhard.Weichel at t-online.de 

> Yes, Patrick, I treated PmWiki more a lean CMS than a strict wiki.
> For this reason I really miss Page preview and Track Authorship.
> The lack of "Track Authorship" is IMHO a problem even on pmichaud.com
> and is also on the way to kill PmWiki for our CVJM application.
> The last issue which would really help for CMS like applications is
> "page fallback".

Actually, authorship tracking is *nice* (to me) but not as necessary, I 
think, as locking pages...I have a love-hate relationship with the idea 
of locking pages, but how else do you have more than one person edit 
the same page without messing things up?  has anyone given that thought?

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