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Carlo Strozzi carlos
Mon Aug 11 03:42:01 CDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 11:11:43PM +0200, Andreas Streim wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm rather new to pmwiki and still experimenting befor using it in 
> the "real world wide web".
> Now I found out, that if I use "Internationalization" it is 
> impossible to use "FlexLayout" as well, because FlexLayout has 
> hardcoded the English terms in the script.
> Is there any idea how I can tell FlexLayout not to use hard coded 
> words but the variables used by Internationalization?

I attach my own localized version as an example. But this deserves
some more comments. The current customization scheme of pmwiki, that is
overriding sections of actual code to attain a customized behaviour,
has significant drawbacks, as it inevitably causes local extensions
to interfere with each other. For instance I need to load flexlayout
*before* I load "printable-page", and things like that. And to further
reduce unwanted couplings I also test for "action=...." to conditionally
include extensions as needed. Yes, this is flexible, but it is a mess to

In general, expect you will have to heavily modify add-ons (including
mine) before the actually work on your pmwiki installation.

Orderly customization requires that local data be kept in files
separated from the code, or otherwise establish a better interface for
plug-in's. In this respect pmwiki does have problems.

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