[pmwiki] [Pmwiki-users] TABs and [[http://...<TAB>link text]] breaks

Bernhard.Weichel@t-online.de Bernhard.Weichel
Mon Aug 11 00:22:41 CDT 2003

Christian Ridderstr?m wrote:
> Hi
> I noticed that putting a TAB in a construction such as:
> [[http://www.lyx.org link text]]
> breaks, see
> http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Test/FreeLinkAndTab

I tried all links in this page and all worked ...

> for some examples. Since I noticed this while using TABs to get a
> "prettier" source, at least I'd appreciate it if TABs were to be
> allowed in this case. This isn't a *fatal* bug of course :-)

Tab is IMHO an evil (In my projects, I prohibited using TABS) since
everyone has a different adjustment in his editor thus smashing the

TAB was useful in times of punchcards, when disk space was very expensive.

Nevertheless for sake of robustness, TAB should not break anything
but should be treated as regular whitespace.


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