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erik de wild erik.dewild
Sun Aug 10 16:28:07 CDT 2003

I made a (dutch) website, www.tripple-o.nl, with PMwiki and I costimized 
the header by making a html page with mozilla composer under linux. I 
add the html header to  my local.php. In the proces I could standarized 
the color of the hyperlinks by choosen the colors in the header html so 
they don't appear in pink, purple or yellow.

But, and that's the question, when entering the edit mode, the header 
html is not there. The default header appears. I use webmenu and 
flexlayout. I read  most posts in the newsgroup  of the last month but I 
haven't find a solution and I really try to fix this on my own. I want 
the same header on my website when I, or a visitor, edit a page. If you 
know the procedure to fix this problem please let me know.

With friendly regards

Erik de Wild

open standards, open source, open mind

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