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Sun Aug 10 10:52:38 CDT 2003

At 06:04 AM 8/10/03, Christian Ridderstr?m wrote:
>On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Christian Ridderstr?m wrote:
>> > 
>> > It's probably cache.  Sometimes I have to hit RELOAD to see changes.
>> > 
>> > Crisses
>> >
>I should have said that I've tried the RELOAD button frequently without 
>any improvement.


Being a victim of the browser wars myself, you have to be careful about these type of issues.

With Netscape/Mozilla you use <shift> + Reload to see new material, with IE you use ^(F5) to reload with new material.

Having been involved in end user testing I've had up to ten browsers at a time working over things and it get very confusing at times.

Mostly now I just find the tool/function in the browser that deletes local cache and in memory cache, close the browser and check with a new process.


Allen Schaaf
Information Engineering

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