[Pmwiki-users] How "function:PrintText some text" behaves

John Rankin john.rankin
Wed Aug 6 20:08:21 CDT 2003

When I write

  $PublishList[] = "function:PrintText ----";
  $PublishList[] = "function:PrintText !$number $name";

and subsequently call


I see, as expected, a horizontal rule followed by a heading 1.

However, if I write

  $PublishList[] = "function:PrintText ----\n!$number $name"; 

I see the string

function:PrintText ----!1 PageName

(or whatever the values of $num and $name are).

The \n is presumably the culprit. When I look at the PrintFmt source, there is a line that looks for 
"function:" followed by a word, followed by spaces, followed by (.*) -- I assume it gets to the \n and stops in confusion. Looking back to earlier postings, would an "s" modifier at the end of the preg_match fix this?

It's no big deal, but can anyone shed light? Thanks...
John Rankin

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