[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki with mini_httpd??

Ishwar Rattan ishwar
Wed Aug 6 14:29:04 CDT 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Carlo Strozzi wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 03:32:55PM -0400, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> >
> > Any one running pmwiki under mini_httpd?
> I'm running it with Boa, which too is a minimal server, probably
> not very different from mini_httpd. Can I help ?

I hope so. I want php script 'pmwiki.php' to execute when its path
is entered in browser URL


where full path of the script is /home/httpd/html/pmwiki/pmwiki.php
Currently the contents of the script aew displayed in the page.
Also, I am new to web-world.

If you are runing it under Boa then you can give me directions
to use Boa software with pmwiki.


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